“Skills Training for Emergency Preparedness (STEP) is a four-week outdoor adventure program for young women ages 15 and older. STEP will help enrich each young woman in spiritual and personal disciplines, physical fitness and emergency skills that will prepare them to fulfill the calling God has for their life.”


For more information or to sign up, visit the site: Or, you can stop by and ask questions of the graduates, see various photos, and hear testimonies.

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“STEP changed my life in so many ways.

People are pleased with the obvious: I picked up various skills, from CPR certification to drywall to Search and Rescue. I have more confidence, I live healthier.

But deep down, my heart has changed. “Being a Christian” is no longer just a badge I wear, it’s a wedding band, proof of an eternal covenant with Christ. This pleases God. And that is more important than anything else.”