Four words are my profile: Christian, American, Writer, Enigma. The age and experience of this temporal guise means little, so I will not waste my time.

Below is my mission transcribed. I hope you find the resources on this site entertaining and encouraging in keeping with these goals.

For the Kingdom,



 “Reclaiming Media for the Glory of God!”


  1. God, omnipotent and omnipresent, created all things within six days, as described in Genesis.
  2. God made mankind (male and female – similar in purpose, but distinct in function and ability) in His own image, and placed the rest of creation under their joint guardianship and care.
  3. Mankind sinned, cursing the universe to continual war and pain. However, God promised to send a Redeemer, which would be the fulfillment of that curse.
  4. Jesus Christ, the Son of God, came to earth, was born of a virgin, becoming both fully man and fully God. He later died on a tree, redeeming the curse.
  5. Jesus Christ rose from the dead, becoming the ONLY bridge between God and man.
  6. Jesus Christ will return; and, until then, we have a mission to complete. Namely, to go into all the world, and share the gospel.



The Westminster Catechism states that our purpose is to “glorify God, and enjoy Him forever.” Thus, there are only two things worth living for:

  1. To glorify God, by bringing others to the knowledge of him
  2. To enjoy Him forever, by bringing ourselves and others to a closer walk with Him

To accomplish this mission, we must make Jesus the Lord of every fact of life. We begin to do this by providing alternatives to secular education, entertainment, and everything else; for so often, Christians return to compromising media because there is no godly substitute.

But by keeping God as the center of every project, Christians will be encouraged to keep the faith, rather than setting aside their weapons to be entertained.