Firstly, I despise “About Me” pages.

Because writing is never about us, is it? It’s about the lives we can touch, the people we comfort, the God we glorify. But as a writer, we depend on establishing trust with readers, and the fan world in general, so I was encouraged to post an honest bio of myself.

So, here goes:

My pen name is Lucerna, because it’s easier to autograph than my multi-lettered full name, Hannah Marie Kilpatrick. And if you’ve seen my handwriting, you’ll want as little of it as possible…

Anyway, I was born roughly a quarter century ago, in El Paso, Texas, the second eldest in a large military family. Since then, we’ve had the opportunity to live in many different states, and even a different country. I am continually fascinated by observing people, listening to their unique – and yet, very similar – personalities, longings, and lifestyles, a beautiful testament of God’s practical and personal design. He wrote the blueprint and backstory for every person we meet, and I enjoy imitating Him as I create little worlds and characters of my own.

I graduated high school at age 16, giving me time to study writing full-time. At 19, I went to STEP, a month-long emergency training course in Texas (see the link in the tab titled “STEP”). That experience changed me physically and spiritually, helping turn my sights on writing as a ministry, not simply a hobby.

Anyway, I will go much more in depth as to thoughts and thesis on certain blog posts, as well as useful drivel like movie reviews, Bible studies, and recommended resources. And books, lots of books. Especially my own. But my prayer is that every word blesses you in some way, shedding light on the exciting journey that is life.

For the Kingdom,